For Artists

Things we can or could do for you.

Use your results freely.

If you have uploaded a digital image for processing, you retain the copyright in the original image and in the generated renderings. Use the renderings as your own. Acknowledgement is appreciated.

Please don't use a rendering to try to fool a teacher into thinking you did it by hand. They will know better.

Other things we can make available.

The renderings available here are a sample of the styles and parameters that are available in the core software, the formats are not optimal for a digital artist, and the resolution is limited to about 1000 pixels in the longest dimension. Please contact us for any of the following:

  • Output in PNG, TIFF, or other lossless formats.
  • Output selected renderings as a multi-layer image in PSD format.
  • Rendering at resolutions higher than the default, up to the original image size.
  • Rendering images with different parameters or scales.
  • Input in formats other than JPG. Most standard single layer formats work already (JPG,PNG,TIFF), others such as DNG or Nikon raw formats can be handled on request.

Partnering and exhibiting

We have a gallery for digital artists who have used renderings from as part of finished digital product. See Hudson River by Clay Ellis, and Leaves by Sean True for examples. If you would like to exhibit, there is a simple process to go through.