Fine print

If I had a lawyer, this page would be longer. Until then, I will try to make things clear.


You can use if you are 13 or older.

Your content.

If you submit images to, they may be seen by other people, including the curation team. If you share renderings, they may be seen by other members, or by the public. Content that has been submitted may remain even if you delete the image from your account. Don't submit porn, spam, or illegal images. Curators can censor an image that is not suitable for the site.


Respect copyrights. Don't submit images without having appropriate rights, including the right to let us display the image. Don't assume that rendering an image removes the original copyright. That's a complicated issue.


We try to keep your accounts, information, and images secure. We make no guarantees about that, at all.


If we get sued because something you did on, you have to pay our costs. Please don't get sued.


Most of the content on this site is based on user submissions. We may not see it before you do. Some of it may be bad stuff. Please report bad stuff to us.

Limitation of liability. is a labor of love, and a work in progress. It's not perfect. We're not liable for anything we can avoid being liable for. If you think we are liable, let's talk about it.


We collect your email, your name when you submit an image or create an account. We collect page and image view information, and use cookies to track sessions. We use the information to run and make it better.

We do not want people under 13 using the site.

Acceptable use.

Don't use for content that may:
  • harm or distress anyone;
  • cause a loss to a personor property;
  • harm or exploit children;
  • violate laws;
  • be offensive, hateful, or mean;
  • be illegal;
  • infringe third party rights;
  • be fraudulent or deceptive.


  • hack our software or servers;
  • probe or test our systems for security;
  • scrape, bulk download, or create automated uploads.

At any time, for any reason, we can:

  • remove any content;
  • suspend any account;
  • terminate any account.